Top 10 tricks to look better in pictures - Modelling Academy
05 Mar

Top 10 tricks to look better in pictures

  1. If you tend to blink a lot, close your eyes just before the picture is taken and open them slowly just before the camera clicks, No more half-closed eyes!
  2. Avoid the double chin, elongate your neck, and push your face forward, slightly. Think of it as sticking out your forehead and tipping your chin slightly down, it might feel awkward, but you will look great.
  3. Try this red carpet trick: Put your tongue behind your teeth when you smile to avoid a goofy, wide smile.
  4. Look toward a light before someone snaps your photo. Doing this will shrink your pupils and help you to avoid red eye.
  5. Think, ANGLES, facing the camera straight on is rarely flattering, instead, turn your head to a 3/4 position to add depth to your features.
  6. Forget about saying CHEESE, instead, think about something funny, or crack a joke with the photographer, a natural smile trumps a fake one every time.
  7. A photo from above you is far more flattering than one below you, if you are taller than the photographer, grab a seat, or grab him a ladder.
  8. Make sure your hair is under control, photographs can highlight flyaways. A good dry oil or hairspray on your hands will help to make your hair looks sleek and shiny.
  9. Makeup must be a perfect match, do not rely on the photographer to edit in photoshop, make sure your products are PHOTO READY to avoid the floating head syndrome.
  10. Use your body to create asymmetrical angles which is flatting and slimming, practice your poses to perfect them and get them spot on.