The Samuel L Jackson Master Class forms the basis and backbone for the beginner and intermediate courses.

The beginner course provides the basics and the intermediate course then builds and perfects what was learned in the beginner course. All modules from the Master Class are covered are over our two courses with the added benefit that it is facilitated by actor, coach and industry professional Denel Honeyball.

Our acting courses are designed to increase the chances of booking work as paid actor, not only do we work on acting skills and training, we improve self-confidence and give you all the industry insider tips and information on how to succeed in this very competitive industry we also assist new actors with signing at reputable acting agencies.


  • Castings & auditions
  • Choosing a monologue
  • Working with text:carving out words & grounding a monologue
  • Script breakdown
  • Character biographies
  • Physical characterization
  • Grounding a performance
  • Taking ownership of your character
  • Voice & character
  • Plumb your emotional depths
  • Using your voice & body
  • Working with directors
  • On set collaboration
  • Developing characterization & making bold choices
  • Enriching your acting practice
  • Growing your acting career
  • Hollywood lessons
  • And a whole lot more….

*You will receive a certificate & a copy of your own performances after completing the course successfully

Age: 12+ (Ladies & Gents)

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