22 May

Benefits of Child Modelling

Whenever the terms ‘child model’ or ‘child star’ are mentioned, the first things that spring into people’s minds are thoughts of spoiled little divas, demanding little brats and overbearing, pushy stage mothers trying to reflect in their children’s glory. While these negative stereotypes  and other factors, such as eating disorders, over-emphasis on outward appearances, potentially […]

06 Apr

13 Steps To Becoming A Professional Model

OUR TOP 13 TIPS FOR BECOMING A SUCCESSFUL MODEL Mоdеlling is a perceived to be a very glamorous саrеer which is why mаnу реорlе drеаm of being a model. The lure of modelling being quite luсrаtivе where you can earn a great income from is often the biggest motivator for people to become models. Often […]

19 Oct

7 important steps to becoming a successful model worth checking out!

KNOW YOUR MARKET One of the most important steps to becoming a model is knowing your market. What does this mean? Well, for starters, depending on the area you live in, certain trends and looks are more popular than others. For instance, runway modeling and fashion show modeling are not as widespread as commercial modeling […]

10 Oct

5 Reasons why you need a model portfolio

1) Getting Booked Models don’t realize that if they do not have a portfolio that it becomes difficult for the model to book work. In this industry, ad agencies or top brands need to see what the model looks like, hair color, eye color, height etc before booking the model. So booking work is near […]

10 Oct

Top 4 points – Why You Need a Modelling Course

Becoming a model may seem easy, but a little training and experience can make the world of difference. Let’s face it, you have nothing to lose. Naaznien Laher, the Model Coordinator at the Model Academy compiled these top 4 points – Why is it important to Attend a Modelling Course. 1) Learning the Ropes: Taking modelling […]

10 Oct

Who would like to be a catwalk model?

Any model out there will tell you that if you want to walk the big shows it’s almost impossible to do it with out any training or practice! Like with any other profession it’s important to practice what you do to be come good enough and confident enough to enable you to do it like […]