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10 Oct

5 Reasons why you need a model portfolio

1) Getting Booked
Models don’t realize that if they do not have a portfolio that it becomes difficult for the model to book work. In this industry, ad agencies or top brands need to see what the model looks like, hair color, eye color, height etc before booking the model. So booking work is near impossible if the model does not have physical representation through their portfolio.

2) Z-card
If the model is represented by a model agency, then the model’s agency will send out the model’s Z-card for and castings or potential bookings that come in. The model’s Z-card is a snap shot of the models portfolio, showing different looks and also includes the models booking information and stats. Without a portfolio the model will not have a Z-card, which means the model’s agency cannot submit Z-cards on the models behalf to book the model work.

3) Agency
Being a professional model means that you would need to be signed with a model agency, who receive castings and auditions from casting agents and advertising agencies. Your model agency should insist that as a model on their books you need to have a professional portfolio done in order to be represented on their books. Normally modelling agencies can suggest a photographer or would have their own in house photographer that can do your model portfolio shoot for you.

4) Model CV
As a model your portfolio is your “model CV’. It shows what work you have done before, your versatility as a model and different looks and poses you can pull off. Your portfolio or CV is what sells your look to the industry. This is what clients will look at when they are considering booking you. Have you ever tried to get a job in the corporate world without first submitting your CV? Well the same goes for the modelling industry.

5) Representation
Your portfolio is a representation of you and how you look. It’s your marketing material that the model and the model’s agency will use in order to book the model work. It is important that the model’s portfolio is recent and kept up to date with the model’s current look and that the photos included in the portfolio are no more than a year old. A model portfolio is a models most essential tool required to book the model work. And should be kept in a book form as well as kept on your modelling agencies website so they can represent you and book you work.

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